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White people be like “so I’m racist because I don’t find an entire race of people attractive.”
Lmao uh yes

no it means that people have fucking physical preferences that they cant control in the same way some people might like, say, tall people, while others like short ones

for example im just not attracted to black men. idk why i just have my own preferences and i am not attracted to them for some reason. that doesnt mean im holding something against them or treating them badly because of their race, it just means im not attracted to those features.

are you seriously gonna try to call people racist because of romantic preferences they cannot control

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Some of you may remember the spitfire art I did as a Young Justice Secret Santa gift for Yenna. It was so popular, and I’m enough of a spitfire fan myself, that I decided to turn it into a print. Now you can have the “spitfire exchange” on your wall! (And YES, it will be in my etsy store after C2E2!)

Here’s all the Young Justice stuff I’ll have available at C2E2:

"Spitfire" - 11x17” full color print… $20
"The Family Crock" - 11x17” full color print… $20
"Young Justice" - 11x17” full color print… $20
***GET ALL 3 11x17” FULL COLOR PRINTS FOR $50***
"The Team" - 8.5x11” black & white print… $5
"Disco Nightwing" - 3x4” full color mini-print… FREE
Young Justice: Invasion trade paperbacks… $15

I will also be doing custom sketches at $80 for the first character + $60 for each additional character in the same sketch. However, my sketch list fills up FAST at conventions, so the earlier you bring me your request, the better.

C2E2 2014 Young Justice Meet-Up!

Want to meet other Chicago area Young Justice fans? Take some cosplay photos? Just hang out for a while with me and talk Young Justice? Come to the hall across from the Speed Dating room on Saturday at 7:15pm! See you there! SYMBIOSI!

Click here to see my full C2E2 schedule. I will be at table U18 in Artist Alley most of the time, so come find me there! I’ll also have free granola & fruit bars for fans if you’re hungry and want a snack. They are definitely not from Lexcorp and totally safe to eat.